Pavel Krasheninin

I see a lot of common ground in people. There’s much more in common than differences. Thin layers of ideology and beliefs wrap around the larger common nature of humanity. This nature, in my deep conviction, boils down to the desire to live normally and predictably. The problem lies in the fact that only this upper thin layer is visible from the outside, which hinders listening to each other or at least not despising each other. And this applies to absolutely everyone, regardless of political or ideological position, including myself.

I’m trying to find ways that would allow, through art, to extend threads that could connect people from different social, cultural, and informational bubbles, showcasing a bit of this commonality. Loving one’s enemies is an unbearably difficult task and an unsolvable problem, but if we don’t go down this path, we won’t make progress.

War, 2022
Oil on canvas, 73x63cm
Shulman, 2023
Mixed media, 18x20cm
Girl and the void / Inner Child, 2023
Oil on canvas, 80,5x50,5cm