About us

ITINERANT GALLERY project is a response to today’s challenges. Tragic world events have already disrupted the normal life of many artists, interfered with their creative process and continue to take away the inspiration and the opportunity to create. Ultimately, world art and culture are harmed. Our activities are aimed at reducing the harm, at supporting and helping artists.

For support and mutual aid, we are forming a community of artists.
To support the activities and creative realization of artists, we make international exhibitions.

First of all, these are thematic formats that not only provide the authors with an exhibition space, but also demonstrate a wide range of opinions, meanings and mediums. The dialogue takes place not only with the viewer, but also between the authors. Considering that we are not tied to a permanent exhibition space, but are focused on cooperation with galleries in different parts of the world, we believe that it is this format of exhibition activity that best provides new inspiration and progressive development of culture.

Our main guidelines are: freedom of art, polemic, collaboration.

We welcome collaboration with galleries and museums worldwide. Propose a collaborative project: itinerant.pro@gmail.com