ITINERANT GALLERY is a project to integrate artists regardless of their country of origin and residence. The exhibitions we work on are at the same time research, thanks to the diversity and breadth of opinions, meanings and mediums presented, where dialogue takes place not only with the viewer, but also between authors with different life and social experiences, with different ideas and attitudes.

Exhibition projects


The exhibition project HUMAN(KIND?) is a reflection on the theme of good and evil, the nature of man and humanity.


PROHIBITED ART – works that cannot be shown in the countries of the authors’ citizenship due to censorship.
Photo by ПСЛЧ/PSL4

Our exhibitions are characterised by:

  • no restrictions in the choice of medium, and often of subject matter (possibility of free interpretation of the exhibition theme)
  • lack of permanent exhibition space: we are always looking for partners to organise exhibitions. If you are interested in organising an exhibition in your city, please contact us:
  • ability to be multiplicised: one exhibition can be held in several cities/countries at the same time or in several episodes, which gives authors additional opportunities to participate.

If you are an artist and would like to participate in the exhibition, email us:

If you want to join the project with your ideas, write to us:

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