10.02.2024, 16:00
Georgia, Tbilisi, Bethlemi, 23, space «Frame»

A screening of films by Mikhail Basov, a filmmaker and media artist whose work has received rave reviews at exhibitions, festivals and biennales around the world. The program presents non-fiction films outside the «topical agenda» that do not fit into the narrow framework of genre definitions, but undoubtedly capture and enhance the Beautiful in the world.

At the closing online meeting with the author, it will be possible to ask questions and try to clarify for oneself the secret of the charm of his film works.


1. Free Movements (2012), 6 min

2. Film for Imaginary Music (2014), with Natalia Basova, 6 min 30 sec

3. A Plastic Bottle’s Stair Dance (2018), 5 min 20 sec

4. Out of Autofocus (2016), 2 min

5. La Bagatelle (2021), 8 min

6. Short Circuits (2020), 18 min

At the end of the program – an online meeting with the author.