Food and Peace

International exhibition
Curator:  Olya Lookoevna
12.02.2024 - 25.02.2024
Lora Umora, ...I've got vodka in my blood, 2023
Tempera, canvas on cartoon 25x35cm
Freya Solntseva, Nostalgy, 2023
Oil on panel, 20x30cm

So, the first online project of our gallery is the exhibition, whose title references the Leo Tolstoy’s novel. We share a lot with the project authors: everyone is at the beginning of their initiatives, adapting to the new reality, and stubbornly maintaining faith in humanistic ideals. In this sense, the traditional genre of still life, around which the exposition unfolds, becomes an eco-friendly way of conveying the civic position of all participants in the exhibition. A way that does not risk anyone’s life.Some of us still wish that beauty could save the world.

Marfa Kapich,
Art Director of Itinerant Gallery


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We present to your attention an exhibition of works by amateur paintresses, where still life becomes the unifying form.

Still life with hits of national cuisine and homemade dishes is not just art. It is the artists’ statement for peace and a way to maintain inner balance amid the catastrophes happening to us and before our eyes.

The participants of the exhibition grew up in the countries of the former USSR. Today they live in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, and the United States. Some of the authoresses have become refugees or dissenters of war, while others daily hear explosions and face danger. They are all united by the desire to find a point of support, help their people, and remain humane. To preserve the soul through care and love.

Food in our early memories is associated with the idea of maternal nurturing unconditional love. In times of catastrophe, volunteers deliver food to hotspots to feed refugees. For many people, humanitarian work is also a way to regain their dignity, rejecting helplessness and denouncing the prevailing arbitrariness and violence.

Food unites us as a universally comprehensible symbol. It allows us to establish trusting relationships both at the table and on the level of an accessible idea. Extending a helping hand, showing generosity and kindness in a simple way – by treating, sharing a meal, and nourishing those in need.

Welcome to the exhibition «Food and Peace», which seeks to find a field for interaction and creating connections, offers an opportunity to feel the ground for gaining inner strength and harmony, and strives to give a small island of heart warmth in a catastrophic time of irreparable mistakes that humanity repeats once again.

Olya Lookoevna,



Antonina Kavun,Ukraine Freya Solntseva, Russia
Lanaya, Russia/USA Inga Sibirskaya, Russia
Ksiu Ryabtseva, Ukraine Lora Umora, Russia