NFT exhibition (with the Platform project)
Curator:  Anonymous

A poet in Russia is more than just a poet. To the words of Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, we can add: and more than an artist. And a filmmaker as well. It’s not easy being a creator in a state that constantly veers towards totalitarianism and dictatorship. Because when a population oppressed by the regime remains silent, someone must become its eyes, ears, voice, and hands.

  • To see and record what is happening.
  • To hear and remember what is happening.
  • To tell about it.
  • And to do something to change the situation.

In this regard, the emergence of the ANTI-REGIME exhibition is an anticipated event. It’s an act in which Russian emigrant artists not only observe, hear, and tell, but also directly confront the dictatorship of a particular country. Because each work in the presented collection is not just a painting, but a token, the sale of which will slightly ease the existence of independent Russian journalism, preserving the voice of a free press.


Anonymous artist A

Anonymous artist M

Anonymous artist O

Anonymous artist P

Anonymous deputy

Pavel Krasheninin


Yana Tarakanova

Julia Tauritari


The works can be purchased on site